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Bike Locksmith Service – Bike lock problems are extremely common. Oftentimes, they’re caused by lost or misplaced bike lock keys. A bike lockout can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. Our highly trained experts fully understand how frustrating it is to get your bike locked. But that’s nothing to worry about. Mobile Locksmith Service is here 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your bike locksmith needs. All of our services are affordable and available 24/7.

If you lost your bike lock keys and want to unlock your bike lock, or you’re dealing with a bike lockout in the middle of the night, feel free to reach out to Mobile Locksmith Service. Our team will get to you equipped with top-notch tools to offer fast, affordable and effective bike locksmith services that are certain to fix your bike lock issues in no time.

Types of Bike Locks

When buying a bicycle, one of the most important things to purchase alongside it is a quality bike lock. There are many types and brands of locks available on today’s market, all offering differing levels of protection against a thief. If you’re new to cycling or bicycle security, it can be confusing. Sadly, there are thousands of stolen bikes every year so it’s very important to make the right choice.

Folding Lock

As the name implies, the folding lock is a lock that folds and has an extremely compact design. Almost every single folding lock has a bracket for your bike frame that will help you transport your bike easily.

To avoid jamming, it’s best to maintain your lock. Dirt and other elements can often get into the lock’s mechanism. This will cause a jam.

Cable Locks
Cable Locks

Cable locks are a type of bike lock that can be quite easily transported around without any hassle. Cable locks are also flexible. This means that you can secure them to a lot of objects. Also, you might see combo locks available on the market. These locks are just cable locks that are unlocked using a combination, instead of a key.

You should concentrate your search on bike locks that have been rated by Sold Secure if you’re looking for a bike lock. This will provide you peace of mind that the lock has been tested rigorously.

Chain Locks
Chain Locks

A chain lock includes hardened metal links that generate the chain. A padlock is used to lock the chain. The chains and links as a whole differ in strength, weight, and size. Typically, the more secure chain locks are heavier. However, they can’t be transported easily. The links are often covered using a plastic sleeve to protect the bike and the chain.

Oftentimes, a thief will break a lock, especially if they are determined. Thus, it is your task to make it harder and less appealing to them. This includes choosing the right location to leave and lock the bike and have the correct right locking method.


This type of lock is also called the U-Lock. The D-Lock has been around since the 1970s. They are basically a huge padlock. They can differ in strength, weight, and size.

It is crucial to guarantee you’ve got a tight fit when locking with a D-lock. This will avoid thieves from utilizing leverage style attacks.

We Can Unlock
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When choosing your service provider, be sure that they are professional locksmiths. Why does it matter? It’s because a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith will guarantee that there won’t be any major damage of your bike right after each lockout process. And even if there are accidents that will occur causing your property to get damaged, it will be replaced immediately with the help of our bonding company.

We only want what’s best for our clients, and these characteristics of the Mobile Locksmith Service make us one of the top choices in our area. We can unlock any type of bike locks!


Losing keys to our bicycle is very common, and it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen to us ever. Situations such as this are inevitable, that’s why Mobile Locksmith Service covers bike lockout service to our several services. So if you ever encounter this kind of problem, do not hesitate to call us immediately and we will be right there with you and unlock your bicycle’s lock. We offer immediate response!

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Almost all of our biker customers are also adventurers, and some of their problems involve bike lockouts. Mobile Locksmith Service can be of your help wherever you are or whatever time you are calling. We take each client’s problem very seriously, no matter how small or big it may be. Call now for 24/7 emergency bicycle lock out service.

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