Steps To Maintain Door Locks

Door locks ensure that your home or business has a  high level of security. However, unless you take the necessary steps to maintain them, they may not serve you for long. But if you take care of your locks, they will serve you longer and protect your home and valuables.

Ensure Your Door is Hang Correctly

Before installing a lock system, it is vital to ensure that the doors are hung correctly and ready for lock installation. A sagging or dropping door will create an incredible amount of pressure on the bolt and may lead to lockouts. Ensure the gap between the door and the frame is uniform at the top and on the sides.

Door Screws and Strike Plates

One screw securing the door at the top should be long enough to secure the door to the wall frame. This ensures that the door doesn’t sag and it is strong enough to resist break-ins and discourage thieves from attempting to break it down.

Clean Your Door Locks

Regularly cleaning the door locks ensures that dirt and rust don’t build up and weaken them, making them easy to break when force is applied. When you are cleaning the locks, ensure that you do it thoroughly until they shine.

Use the Necessary Cleaning Materials

Use a mild detergent and soap to clean the external parts of the door locks because chemicals may corrode and weaken the locks. Lubricate the inside parts of the lock using dry lubricants because they are easier to apply.

Do Not Use Unnecessary Force

When you open your locks, do not use unnecessary force because this will weaken them over time. If you notice that your door lock is malfunctioning, the best solution is to seek help before it leads to losses.

Make Duplicate Keys

Making duplicate keys ensures that you have spare keys to access your home in case you lose the original keys. This is especially helpful because you may misplace your key and later find it when you have already incurred the cost of replacing it.

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