What is a Digital Lock?

Conventional locks have been proven and tested with their effectiveness. Manufacturers had years to perfect its design and purpose by improving on its inner workings over the years. But with the advent of technology, numerous upgrades and advancements have been made in the name of security, utility, and convenience. With that comes the invention of digital locks. What are digital locks and do you need one?

Almost all of the words have had “smart” added into them, smartphones, and smart toilets to name a few and this did not stop with locks. Digital locks are smart locks. They are revolutionary door locks which use digital electromechanical technology to provide convenience at the same time improve security to your home or your business place. They are changing the game towards the usage of keys. Gone are the days where you get locked out of your house because you lost a key or forgot to bring one. If your hands are full of groceries, you will never have to worry about it as your digital lock will open by just detecting your smartphone that is connected to it.

There are two types of digital locks,
(1) electronic- which requires power. These include electronic keypads, biometric, and smart cards.
(2) mechanical- mechanically operated push button locks which require no power.

Digital locks provide security at a low cost. They offer an immediate door opening solution and adds simplicity to your lifestyle. Digital locks are compatible with buildings and establishments that require a reliable means of access control but where the allocation of keys or cards is unpractical due to the volume of people entering and exiting the building. Not only are they useful to buildings and establishments, but you and your home can also benefit from the features that digital locks have to offer. You may not need a digital lock but you may want one after reading this.

A New Way to Open Doors

You may now say goodbye to keys (or not if you still want to keep a key as it is available for those who prefers conventional key) as digital locks can now be opened using a number of ways that do not involve keys. There is a biometric fingerprint, smart access card or secret code that can be used to unlock the door into your home or your business place. This is especially useful for offices that have numerous people going in and out of the door. This also means no more cutting of keys for your visitors. You can just give them a code to enter and that’s it.

Advanced Security Features

Digital door locks offer different security features depending on the level of security you want to achieve. The most robust digital door locks are capable of withstanding all but the most violent attacks. They are protected against drilling and picking. They are also durable and can be used for years even when subjected to heavy traffic use.

Digital door locks have paved the way to achieving the level of security you want to get for your home. They offer various features that will benefit you and your family. Installing digital door locks mostly benefit establishments and offices that have heavy traffic as it does not require the need for keys. If you want to have your home or office equipped with a digital door lock, then contact Locksmith in Brooklyn for the digital door lock of your dreams. Our team of skilled locksmiths are efficient and can get the job fast. We offer various locksmith services to cater to your needs.

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