Who Needs Lock Rekeying?

Do you think your place has been compromised? Did you get your keys lost? Are you looking for a cheaper alternative of securing your homes or offices without having to change the locks? Then you should consider re-keying. But what is it and how is it done?

Re-keying is one of the many services that locksmith companies offer. In rekeying a lock, the locksmith removes the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a new and different key. If you have lost control over who has access to your keys and property, rekeying your locks is the way to go as they are more affordable compared to completely changing your locks. Unless a lock is malfunctioning or broken, you do not have to let go of your locks just to secure your homes. Many locks can be rekeyed and kept in service, operating as well or better than ever. Here are various reasons as to why you need to rekey your locks.

If you lost a key.

Losing a key can be stressful. If someone in your house who is in possession of your keys lost their copy, the only way to know that the key is not in the hands of the wrong person is to have your locks re-keyed. It is better to take precautionary measures rather than suffer the consequences of getting the keys in the hands of a thief or burglar. You never know whose hands a lost set of keys could end up in, so you need to act fast to rekey locks in this situation to ensure the security of your business.

Moved into a new house.

Your new house with its new locks may not be as secure as you think it is. Most contractors use locks universal brands and most of them are cheaper to make more profit out of the deal. Some contractors install locks similar to every house that they made. For this reason, it is advisable to re-key your locks to ensure safety and security. As for moving into houses with previous owners, re-keying should be part of your to-do list. You have no way of knowing how many people have copies to keys to the house and not changing the locks to your house may put you in a precarious situation.

When you want to upgrade on security.

Changing your locks totally can be quite an expensive project as you have to pay for both the locksmith’s labor and products as well. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative while upgrading your security, re-keying your locks can be your option. There are a variety of choices you can choose from for when you decide to re-key your locks.

Lost control over access.

Losing control over access of your property can be common to business owners who have huge foot traffic going in and out of the establishment. If you are one of those who may have fired an employee or simply lost track of the number of people who has copies to your keys, your best option would be to have your locks re-keyed. Rekeying your locks when a staff member leaves the organization can remove the risk of problems arising and therefore give you peace of mind.

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