Why A Master Key System Is Important For Your Security

Getting your properties secured is a topmost priority for any owner. But it becomes even more paramount for someone who owns a commercial property or business establishment with different people entering and leaving particular rooms, offices, residences, and buildings. As someone who wants to keep his property secured in this kind of environment without excessively restricting the freedom of movement which the employees in such settings are entitled, using a master key system is the way to go. One of the most important ways you can protect your assets is through the use of a well-planned high-security master key system.

In a master key system, everyone has a key to open their specific door (such as in a hotel or apartment buildings), but there is typically only one key that can open every door and that is called the master key. This type of master key system is considered the most basic and simple type and is usually known as a two-level keying. There are also three and four level master systems but most spaces do not require anything higher than the usual two-level keying.

A two-level keying essentially has the lower-level keys and the master key. Each lock on every door would still be unlocked by its own unique key–often called a change key or the lower level keys. These lower-level keys can only open specific locks. In hotels and apartment complexes, this is what landlords or hotels usually provide to renters or guests. On the other hand, it is typically the janitors, maintenance personnel, or landlords who hold the master key. It is essential to have a master key to have access to these rooms and residences for maintenance or emergency purposes.

The greatest thing about opting for a master key system in your establishment is that you can customize and have variations in terms of the number of keys opening a specific door. In settings like offices, it allows you to maintain complete control over which employees have access to various areas of your property. You can have a professional locksmith customize and make as many variations to your lower-level keys. The best part about master key systems is that you can have them re-keyed whenever there is a change in ownership or circumstances. It is a cost-effective solution to situations like missing keys or a change of staff or, as you don’t need to change the entire system.

Another feature that master key systems have that beats other traditional lock and security system is its patented keyway. This means that it prevents any unauthorized duplication of your keys. You also get to keep track of the keys you have issued and the level of access they have. This gives you both security and control over your property.

There are a lot of benefits one can get from having a master key system, one of which is the various degrees of control. The combination of convenience and security is the selling point of using master key systems in your property. The type of property that can most benefit from them include apartment blocks, hotels, retail stores, offices, and schools. If you are looking into having one installed in your property, we at Mobile Locksmith have your back. Our highly trained locksmiths are experts at installing master key systems.

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