Protecting Your Home Against Lock Bumping

Nowadays, robbers and thieves have come up with numerous devious techniques and tactics to bring terror to every homeowner and one of these is lock bumping. So what is lock bumping and how can you protect your homes against this technique employed by burglars. Traditional locks installed on most homes and establishments still use lock cylinders. These lock cylinders are the ones that are being targeted by lock bumping. Lock bumping, also known as the 999 Method, is a commonly used crime trick which involves tapping on a lock cylinder while applying some pressure to the back of the lock plug or while pushing the key into the hole with extra pressure. It is called a 999 Method for a reason because the bump key they are using is in a number “9” setting which files the key right down to the rim.

This technique was previously used by locksmiths but criminals gained knowledge about it and began using it as a means of breaking and entering. Lock bumping became famous due to its simplicity. It requires no further knowledge and the tools needed can be bought online or in hardware stores. And with the advent of technology, anything can be searched online including videos on how to do such act.

The practice of lock bumping is still rampant nowadays and it is our duty to protect our homes and belonging against this threat. Acknowledging the fact that lock bumping preys on traditional and regular locks is the first step to protecting your home against burglars and thieves. Written below are some steps and measures you can take to further protect you and your home against any criminal intent.

Keep doors and other entry points visible

Lock bumping requires time to do. For this reason, burglars need a cover while they do the job. Keeping your doors and other entry points visible would make it hard for them to commit the crime if there is not enough coverage as they are in plain view sight from your neighbors and others.

Attach chain latches to external doors.

This may not fully prevent criminals from lock bumping. It, however, adds security to your door as it is more difficult for a burglar to gain access to your home. This also gives you or anyone a chance to call for help.

Change regular locks to high-security locks.

High-security locks are more secure because of its additional security features compared to a traditional lock. They use two levels of biaxial key cutting, which produce angled cuts inside the lock. They can’t be picked without having professional tools because the locking mechanism corresponds with specific pins that are your key. Installing high-security locks also enables you to control access of who can make a copy of your keys as they require a security card before duplication can be done. They may be costlier compared to regular ones but this is a tradeoff you need to make. High-security locks save you money in the long run.

Use anti-lock bumping devices.

If you are on a budget, you can resort to using anti-lock bumping devices which are more affordable compared to high-security locks. There are numerous anti-lock devices on the market today such as a thumb turn guard designed to prevent the thumb turn part of a deadbolt from turning.

Install security pins.

Contact your locksmith and have your locks assessed. You can have special security pins installed in your locks to make locks harder to bump. This does not necessarily make your locks undefeatable, but the purpose here is to make your locks take a much longer time to defeat.

Home surveillance or alarm monitoring systems.

When you install alarm monitoring systems in your house, they detect whenever doors are opened. The system then sets off an alarm or alerts authorities once the lock has been compromised. Another preventive measure is to put up security cameras. They can also be used as evidence that can be shown to your insurance provider as it is hard to prove to insurance companies that a claim is not fraudulent without hiring a professional forensic locksmith.

If you want to provide your homes with additional security measures, contact Mobile Locksmith and we can have our team of highly trained professions come to your house. Our expert locksmiths can get the job done efficiently.

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