What Are The Different Types of Locks?

Locks are the most common type of security for homes, offices, and cabinets. Many people install high-security lock systems to ensure their valuables are protected from burglars. Apart from being commonly used, locks have also been in existence for many years. 


Unlike other locks, padlocks are free-standing; thus, they are portable and not attached to the door. To open the door, you use the keys and insert them in the keyhole before removing the padlock. They come in two types, keyed padlocks and combination padlocks.

Mortise Locks

They are mainly used on external doors; they consist of an internal lockset system of either knobs or levers that make them secure. Users of this type of lock enjoy high security that can’t be found with other locks.

Deadbolt Locks

They offer the highest level of protection for external doors. They are moved by turning a knob or key without the use of springs. Their unique locking mechanism resists physical force and battering. Therefore when you install deadbolts on your external doors, you have the guarantee that your home is safe from thieves.

Door Knob Locks

Their lock cylinder is located inside the knob instead of the door. That is why they are mainly used as a secondary security measure for external doors combined with deadbolts or for internal doors to restrict access.

Hand Levers

They have a sizable push-down lever that makes them easier to unlock than doorknobs. That is why they are mainly used for internal doors in commercial settings or at home cabinets and closets.

Electronic Locks

These locks do not require keys to lock or unlock; instead, they have a keypad or code system that you use to lock your door. They also have a combination key system you can use in case you forget the code.

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