Why Replace Locks in Your Home?

Buying a new house and moving into it can be exciting and stressful at the same time. It can be chaotic as there are so many things needed to be considered and handled like unpacking, decorating, painting, and more. With so much going around in your mind, sometimes the locks on your house and your overall security can be overlooked. And there should be one very important item added to your to-do list that you should not forget, changing the locks. This is a necessary thing you need to address knowing that your family and belongings are there.

There are a number of situations where you may not have complete control of your locks and knowing when to change your locks is important. Knowing when to change your locks will also give you peace of mind. Here are the reasons why you need to replace locks in your home.

When moving into a house with existing locks.

Changing your locks is a must when you move into a house with previous owners. This is necessary as you have no way of knowing if others have duplicate keys to your house. Not changing existing locks in your house poses security risks as family members, guests, or tenants of the house’s previous owners may have copies of your keys. If you’re pleased with your home’s locks but you’re afraid extra copies of the key are floating around, you have a simpler option which is to have it re-keyed.

On the other hand, if you are moving into a brand new house your contractor may have provided you with construction locks that are universal to their business. You should still consider contacting your locksmith and have them replaced as most contractors use locks universal to their business. They keep these utility locks on doors during the building process and recycle them from house to house.

You misplaced your keys or had them stolen.

With so many things going in our minds, losing your keys can be quite common. If this happens, you may either call a family member who has spare keys or a locksmith to solve your problem. However, getting your keys stolen is a different matter. Whenever someone steals your keys, they are now definitely in the hands of someone with devious plans. It is imperative that you contact your locksmith and have your locks changed as soon as possible. It is only a matter of time that they will pay a visit using the keys they stole from you. Regardless of whether you had your keys lost or stolen, the best thing is to immediately replace your locks.

Your locks are of poor quality.

Traditional and regular locks are the ones that can be easily picked, drilled, or bumped by thieves and burglars. Often in older homes, construction companies use the cheaper locks so as to get more profit out of their project. Cheaper locks can only mean one thing, poor quality. The first thing that thieves checked when targeting houses is the quality of locks. If your house is still using old locks that are of poor quality then you should have your local locksmith install high-security locks. Thieves will know it’ll be tough to break in and not worth the effort.

You have ended a rental agreement with a tenant.

Most homeowners who want to save a few bucks may sublet a room or apartment with a tenant. It is only natural to provide them with a copy of your keys. However, when the contract ends and they leave the house, you have no way of knowing whether they had the keys duplicated or have given a copy to a friend. To be sure that no keys are floating around that you don’t know about, one thing you can do is to replace the locks. You can also have them re-keyed as a cheaper alternative.

If you have been into these situations mentioned above, then replacing your locks is the best solution. Your security and safety is a top priority and you can only get the peace of mind knowing that you have installed high-security locks in your place. If you are looking for a reliable locksmith to get your locks changed, don’t hesitate to call Locksmith in Brooklyn. We provide locksmith services for homes, cars, and offices at affordable rates.

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