Why Should You Consider Installing High-Security Locks On Your Doors

Nowadays, safety is related to everything that is the result of your investment, be it is your residential, commercial sites or any other assets. One of the top priorities of someone who owns a home or business establishment is security and safety. If your property already has security locks in place, they are most likely to be outdated or traditional ones. Standard locks are easily broken into and would require trips to the locksmith for rekeying or repairing. However, you can prevent this from happening by replacing them. There are a variety of locks in the market right now that sometimes it is overwhelming to choose what type of lock will best serve its purpose.  If you are the one who wants to secure your house while saving your time and money in the long run, it is advisable that you resort to installing high-security locks on your doors. Written below are reasons as to why you should consider installing high-security locks on your doors.

1. Protection from drilling and picking

Most regular or standard locks can be picked just by buying tools off online or in hardware tools but not with high-security locks. High-security locks are nearly impossible to pick or drill because they utilize two levels of biaxial key cutting, which produce angled cuts inside the lock. They can’t be picked without having professional tools because the locking mechanism corresponds with specific pins that are your key. You would need to have a professional locksmith with specialized tools to open them in the event of a lockout or missing keys.

You cut down the risk of having your locks picked with high-security locks. They make it hard for burglars as it will take time for them to open them, giving you enough time to call for help too. When they realize that you have high-security locks, their plans are thwarted and will move on to an easier target instead.

2. Long-term savings

High-security locks can be considered an investment as they need a considerable amount of budget to acquire one. Quality locks come with a price and this is a small tradeoff you need to make for your safety and peace of mind. Opting for high-security locks cuts down cost in the long run as they are made from durable materials and require less maintenance. Since the new locks aren’t easy to break into, it eliminates the need to replace the locks in case of burglar attacks.

3. Requires authorization before being duplicated

When you have high-security locks installed in your homes or offices, you have more control over who gets to have access. Many of these high-security locks require a security card, which will be presented to a locksmith before keys can be duplicated. This gives you peace of mind as you can control and keep track over who has copies of your keys. You can even utilize a cloud-based system to track keys so you know which key accesses which doors and who has that key.

This feature is much more ideal and beneficial for landlords because it eliminates chances of key duplication without your knowledge. When a lease contract is terminated, you’ll be in a good position to know when to get keys from a tenant after a tenancy. They don’t need to rekey the lock for the next person who moves in.

4. Monitor your property remotely

With the advent of technology, high-security locks offer a lot of features for added security. There is a variety of high-security locks in the market and some of them enable you to unlock, lock, and even alarm your property using your smartphone or computer. You will not have to worry about leaving your doors unlocked and having to drive back, you can just lock them with a tap on your phone.

5. Peace of mind

All we want to achieve when securing our homes and businesses is the peace of mind. When you install high-security locks, it eliminates the doubts about whether your property is safe when you’re away or sleeping.

In conclusion, high-security locks give you the level of security and safety you want to achieve with the features they have. They may be costlier compared to standard locks but they are a good investment in the long run. It is high time to secure homes and offices with high-security locks now.

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